The best independent clinicians and practices rely on Topography to excel at clinical research.
We fund creation or scaling of your clinical research capabilities.
At zero cost to your practice, partner with us to deliver:
Advanced Care
Bring new, life-saving treatment options to your patients.
New Science
Stay on the cutting edge, and make an impact on new therapies.
Better Economics
Expand revenue, profit per procedure, and the equity value of your practice.
10x Data
Augment and monetize your data for real world evidence.
Our Mission
Creating a new topography of health
Topography’s mission is to empower and enable physicians. We are on the front lines building tools and services that enable physicians to overcome the existing barriers to entry in research. In gathering evidence in this new way, we aim to increase by 10x the number of physician-investigators, and expand patient access by the same factor. We believe every physician can contribute to research on some scale.
We believe that the physician experience has been overlooked, and that has led to an undersupply of physician-investigators that slows progress in medicine, and entrenches disparities in access and participation. So we are building a new kind of physician experience and building a new kind of investigative infrastructure that’s aligned with physician and patient interests.